21 New cultural Canadian magazines in French on BibliMags!
November 27, 2018
Appointment of Yannick Lacoste, Executive Adviser
February 18, 2019

100 New European magazines on BibliMags!

100 New European magazines!

on BibliMags

Digital magazines for Canadian library users – by Bibliopresto.ca

The offer is further enriched on BibliMags. 100 new European publications have been added to the already 5000 publications present in various categories: science, psycho, dance, opera, literature, culture, cinema, music, comics, science fiction…

A few titles to discover:

Star Wax
Surf Session
Ballet 2000
Pour la Science
Cerveau et Psycho
Revue des Deux Mondes
Fiches du Cinéma
D’Art et de Culture
Art Passions
Le Matricule des Anges
L’Art du Cinéma
Longueur d’Ondes

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